Monday, April 23, 2012

New Things

Hello! So I don't really update this blog of mine. I'm going to update it today since boredom brought me here. I'm gonna share some stuffs that I've recently bought. :D

Here's the strawberry phone charm that I bought at SM Megamall last week. :)

Hello Kitty ipod touch fourth gen case! Actually there are a lot of cute cases and I really had a hard time choosing but I got this instead. I bought this at GreenHills btw.

Here's the back view. 

A small Jenga set that I bought at Megamall. I actually have a big one but this small Jenga set is very handy. I was able to play with it with my cousin while I was waiting for my mom with her meeting at Gateway.  xD

I just find this nail cutter so cute that's why I bought it as well. xD Well it comes in handy too. 

The Hello Kitty key chain that I bought at Clipper Eastwood. Hello Kitty love <3 <3

Lastly, finally I was able to replace the grip tape of my tennis racquet. I guess I won't use a different color anymore. I will just stick to black cause it doesn't really get dirty immediately. 

That's all for now. :D 



  1. I love hello kitty. btw, I followed you :) <3 follow back? Thank you :))

  2. I'm following you ady. =))