Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Gadgets

So yesterday by dad finally arrived! He's only staying for a week btw but that only means one thing. One week of no fangirling etc. So I really have to wait till May 9 before I go back to my fangirl mode since my dad don't really agrees with "me" being a fangirl but in the case of my mother it's fine for her.

Since I have a strict dad. I really have to do some make-over with my room but I really love how my tv set looks now. It looks so much better than before. My mom removed my table for the dvd player and stuff and bought a bracket instead. It looks like this.

Now my tv set area is so spacious! :-)
btw the posters at the side of my TV are now kept safely. 
*nothing I just wanna share it*

Next is my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 It's originally my dad's but he gave it to me. It's been only slightly used. I just have to get the screen protector and the jacket replaced. But since I saw this Hello Kitty pouch in GreenHills I got it right away. 

Ahh. Hello Kitty is really cute <3 

The samsung tab looks like this btw. 

Then finally my most favorite part is my new phone. (LG Lollipop) Well I've been longing for this phone since I was in second year since my best friend also have the same one except it is blue and mine is pink. I wasn't really expecting that my mom would give me my dream phone. It was more like a surprise. Happy Aya! LG Lollipop > Blackberry Curve 8520 (according to which I really agrees with! 

What can you say?
I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures because I only used my iPod in taking the pictures of my Lollipop phone! 

Well that's all for now! Please do follow me. I'm kinda having an interest in blogging now. 


  1. Uwaa! Love the phone so much! :-D Cute phone charms will make it even cuter! :-D

  2. I'm actually confused on what phone charms to put. Anything looks good with it.

  3. you're welcome. :3