Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My stuff!

Hello guys! So this is my first time to show my stuff in public. Hehe. :-)

So this one is my cork board, where I put pictures. Then on top of it is a small tarp which is written I love Hey!Say!Jump xD
This is my Hello Kitty Figurine Collection plus a big Mickey Mouse figurine and 2 Smurf, smurfing. Kiddin.
As you can see I have 2 Wallflower Manga, an Anime magazine which I bought because JUMP was featured in it and my singles/albums from my favorite band and artist. xDD
 Tadaaah! So this are my magazines (Potato, Wink up, Duet and Myojo). All in all they are 13 and I'm still planning to buy more! 
This is where I usually hide my important stuff. Ohh, the blue book over there is my grade school yearbook and on top of that is my first ever beats. 
Stuff toys! Kawaii. 
Here are the 2 gadgets that I always use, my itouch and my cellphone. Hehe. :-) 
Sorry I just love Hello Kitty so much! <3

So far this is my first entry. Gomen, I'm still studying on how to use this blog. Hehe. 


  1. Hi, Aya! Followed you already! :-) Woah! You have so many mags. Urayamashii! Heehee~~ I only have 5 jp mags >_< Hehe. I love your cork board! We both have one HEHE. I don't have any pictures of Harunyan printed out though. Only JUMP's. Heehee~~ hope that you'll post more here! ;-)

  2. Thank you, Jo! I don't have that much pictures of JUMP in my cork board, will print out some soon. Did you see the big Harunyan picture? That's the one I got for free. :) Hehe. Yup, I'll try to post more. ;)